George Saliaris-Fasseas

Founder & Sales Manager

George founded Greek Grape Company in 2017 to fill the seedless grape market gap of October & November in European supermarket shelves. Prior to GGC, he was in the technology and advertising sectors (President | IPG Mediabrands SW Europe, Country Manager Google Greece, General Manager | Ogilvy Greece…). He started in grapes in 1997 as a procurement manager in Richard Hochfeld Ltd (UK) serving mainly Tesco. George holds an MSc in Information Systems from London School of Economics and a BSc in Management Sciences from Warwick University.

Kostas Kalathas

Farm Manager

Kostas is responsible for the quality of the end product and worker efficiency of the Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki farms. Kostas is a second generation seeded grape grower and in 2010 he left his accounting job to focus on his family farms. Prior to that he was working at EpsilonNet in Thessaloniki. Kostas holds a BSc in Accounting & Finance from University of Thessaloniki.

George Gerosterioudis


George is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of GGC. George began his career in 2012 as a sales development representative, in multiple fields such as retail, industry and agriculture. George holds a bachelor in Applied Informatics and two masters degrees in Information Systems and Management (Brunel) and International Business (University of Macedonia).

Panagiotis Kalafatis

Ag Tech Consultant

Panagiotis is responsible for the technology application in GGC farms. GGC always employs the latest technology to minimize environmental footprint and increase labor efficiencies. Panagiotis holds an MSc in Water Resource Management & Environmental Engineering from Imperial College.

Nikos Giannopoulos

CFO & Prooptiki Director

Nikos is the founder of Prooptiki, a well respected Finance firm in Athens with a 35-year history. He is responsible for the financial well-being of GGC.

George Togias

Accounting Director

George is responsible for the accounts and book-keeping of GGC while also attending to tax and worker-welfare matters.

Leonidas Kaplanis


Leonidas is responsible for the health of our vineyards. He is an agronomist since 1997 and holds his own business –an agronomist shop- in Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki. He is an expert on grapes and olive trees. He holds a BSc in Agronomy from University of Thessaloniki.

Ilias Balliu

Farm Operations Manager

Ilias is responsible in implementing the farm processes and coordinating the workforce to carry out GGC operations.

Alekos Balliu


Alekos is responsible for the tractors and application machinery in Agios Pavlos farms. He has 15+ years experience in relevant positions.

Karen Cleave

Technical Director, Richard Hochfeld Ltd.

Karen has chosen the varieties that GGC has planted. Her worldwide grape experience and variety interest along with her 30+ year experience in the UK grape market have been fundamental to GGC’s success.

Yiannis Kanakis

Country Manager Greece & Eastern Europe – International Nursery & Clean Plant Manager

Yiannis is an Agronomist with an Msc in Viticulture and has been working in the sector for the last 22 years. As a member of the IFG Technical Team he has consulted GGC for the best adaptation of IFG varieties in Greece.

Dimos Tzelepis

Netafim North Greece Manager

Dimos has consulted GGC in the design and efficient implementation of its irrigation and water-saving systems.