About Us.


The Greek Grape Company (GGC) was established in October 2017 to grow crunchy seedless grapes while respecting people and planet earth.

All GGC grapes are hand picked, selected and grown with love and pride by our happy personnel to reach and delight customers all over Europe.

GGC focuses on cultivating late great-tasting crunchy seedless grape varieties that can be enjoyed by our clients’ customers from October to December.

GGC farms are located in Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki, Northern Greece.

GGC has also affiliated Greek growers in Kavala.

GGC leaves a minimal environmental footprint and is certified by Global Gap Option 1-Gold grade, Grasp, Leaf for sustainability and FoodExperts while being 100% GMO free.


Mitropoleos 58, Athens, Greece



GGC grows white, red and black late crunchy seedless varieties and focuses on producing excellent eating quality and form.

GGC is the first company in Greece to plant at-scale IFG varieties like Sugar Crisp, Sweet Globe, Jack Salute and Sweet Celebration and the only one in Greece to have planted Sweet Favors (black variety).


GGC focuses on growing late seedless grape varieties for 2 reasons:

1) they have higher Acid Levels than medium or early varieties, hence have a better and more distinct taste.

2) the European market is short of Grapes in October & November and in Europe, only Greece can produce grapes to fill this marketing window.

IFG-Sugar Crisp™

Sugar Crisp is a white seedless, very crispy variety. IFG (the variety the breeder) claims it to be ‘the best of the late green seedless selections’.

It has elongated berries, excellent color and a crispy firm texture with good flavor. It holds very well in refrigeration.

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IFG-Sweet Globe™

Sweet Globe is a round-berry green seedless variety. It is very crunchy and has a good flavor. It has thin skin and has great shelf-life.

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IFG-Sweet Celebration ™

Sweet Celebration is one of the most beloved red varieties. It is an oval-shaped mid-late red seedless grape and becomes very crispy. It has a wonderful flavor and the berries are naturally large (22mm+).

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IFG-Jack Salute™

Jack Salute is a red seedless grape with elongated slight-oval berries. It has mid to late production and is firm to crispy. It has great flavor and large berries (22mm+). Jack Salute is the favorite red grape in many countries (like Italy).

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IFG-Sweet Favors™

Sweet Favors is the latest black variety of IFG. It has a firm flesh, good flavor and has an oval-elongated berry. We aim for a first commercial production in 2022.

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Happy Grapes

GGC customers are supermarkets in the UK, Holland, Germany, Scandinavia and Central Europe.

In parallel, GGC has developed a premium brand using 100% bio-degradable and recyclable packing to make its clients and the environment Happy.

Happy Grapes are packed in paperbags and are destined to delight the palates of the most exclusive grape aficionados.


GGC cultivates around 30 acres of its own farms and is responsible for marketing another  20 acres of its affiliated growers fields.

The Halkidiki fields are 4 minutes from the sea and enjoy a unique north wind most times of the year giving GGC fruit a unique crispy texture.

The soils are the ideal ground for our table grapes and provide nutrients for our plants.

Moreover, there is an underground water basin providing ample water to the vines and coming from Mount Olympus.


GGC works with third-party packhouses to pack its grapes to the highest packing standards. All packhouses have all the required certifications and experience to deliver the best possible packaging solutions for GGC clients.


Proto is the largest Greek kiwi and Cherry exporter of Greece. In addition, Proto specializes in red seedless grape packing (crimson). Proto buys fruit from more than 50 grape growers. Proto also packs GGC fruit for the UK, Scandinavian and Polish markets.

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Sustainability & Technology.

GGC aims to be state-of-the-art in sustainability and is the among the first grape growers globally to be certified with the Leaf Marque.

GGC believes that technology makes the world better and uses it to help its grapes grow, ease the workload of its employees and make the environment better.


  • purchased a low emission tractor (to reduce CO2 emissions)
  • uses an electrostatic sprayer instead of turbine (to minimize water spoilage)
  • installed a weather station with probes (to minimize water use)
  • recycles its input materials
  • uses the latest technology in drip irrigation (minimize water use)
  • installed a water well (to reduce energy consumption)
  • protects the water watershed (to maintain waters clean for the next generation).